Why the Preemies Milk Bank Exists:

Our mission is to collect breast milk from qualified
surrogate donors for premature infants.
In the absence of human milk donors, there would not be a way to provide human milk fortifier and standardized human milk processed from 100% human breast milk to babies in need. We appreciate your breast milk donation and want to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Your generous donation is valued highly by the medical community as well as the families with preterm, sick babies. The milk you donate will be used by Prolacta Bioscience, a for-profit company, to be made into nutritional products for fragile, premature babies. These products provide low birth weight babies the opportunity to receive the benefits of a 100% human milk diet.
Partnership between Surrogate Mother and Prolacta:

Surrogate Mother:

  1. Requires written contract with Prolacta Bioscience
    • Must not have obligation to provide breast milk to intended parents
    • Health and lifestyle requirements
    • Confidentiality requirements
    • Complete questionnaire and health screening
  2. Qualifies as a breast milk donor
  3. Collects breast milk and stores milk according to instructions


  1. Covers all costs and handles logistics for all testing
  2. Provides breast milk pump, breast milk storage bags to donor
  3. Provides shipping container and covers shipping costs for breast milk
  4. Pays surrogate $1.10 for every qualified ounce of breast milk received *
*Additional requirements listed in contract.Compensation is for time and effort. Milk volume is used as an indirect measure of time and effort for milk donation. Milk volume will be as determined by Prolacta, in its sole discretion. Prolacta will weigh the milk, at the time and in the condition that it is received at Prolacta's facility, and calculate the volume based on measured weight, excluding any packaging materials, using Prolacta's standard operating procedures.

Miscellaneous Things You Might Need:

  1. Breast pad liners
  2. Prenatal vitamins, but make sure you let Preemies Milk Bank know what you are taking
  3. Nursing bras
  4. Lanolin for sore nipples

Tips for Increased Milk Supply:*

  • Eat healthier, smaller meals
  • Minimize caffeine intake
  • Drink lots of water
  • Pump every 2-3 hours during the day for a total of 20 minutes, or 15 minutes if just pumping on one side
  • Pump every 3-4 hours each night
  • Pump at approximately the same time each day
  • Massage your breast and roll or stretch your nipple
  • Find a relaxing place to pump
*Prolacta does not collect milk from donors who use lactation teas